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About Us


Our Strategy

Our Best Budget Server Management solution offers you peace of mind.
Rest assured you can trust your server with us, we are totally dedicated to your specific needs.


Whether you’re looking to start a blog or the next – we can provide all the best hosting solutions that you’ll need!

We offer both high traffic dedicated and cloud servers. Multiple locations are available worldwide.


Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly skilled Linux and Unix system administrators always willing to help with any tasks you might have.

Welcome to NK Support!

Why choose us

Personal DevOps Engineer

We assign a personal Linux/Unix devops engineer to look after your infrastructure.

Unlimited Support Hours

Basic Support includes 24×7 server management and troubleshooting of all system software installed on the server.

Daily Backups

We offer daily server backups, setup and maintenance.

Automated Monitoring

We have your server covered with automated server monitoring and alerts. If your server goes down, we’re typically there and fixing before you know it happened.

Pro-active OS and Software updates

Your system will be always up-to-date with our assistance. We regularly apply all necessary updates to keep your system safe and fast.

Immediate 24/7 Responce

We guarantee you an immediate response to critical tickets 24/7/365. Humans respond to your tickets and process all proactive monitoring alerts.