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IT Services

Full cycle of IT services

We offer a full cycle of IT services from planning to deployment and management. We specialize in Unix servers and network devices – simply put, the stuff that makes up the Internet. Our expertise covers (but is not limited to) the following commonly used types of Internet appliances:

VPN servers

Hosting servers

Database servers

Private mailservers

Email marketing servers

Load balancers

Firewalls and intrusion protection systems

Routers and switches

Remote KVM access and remote power management appliances

SSL certificates management

Our staff are well experienced with both standalone and combined installations of the above, building a complete, perfectly designed, fully fledged and secure infrastructure to match your needs. Our work ranges from single VPS servers to a several-dozen machine clusters working as a whole, and we consider each of them a unique work of art.

Why choose our services

Personal System Administrator

We assign a personal Linux/Unix system administrator to look after your server.

Unlimited Support Hours

Basic Support includes 24×7 server management and troubleshooting of all system software installed on the server that guarantees the highest quality service for you.

Daily Backups

We offer daily server backups, setup and maintenance.

Automated Monitoring

We have your server covered with automated server monitoring and alerts. If your server goes down, we’re typically there and fixing before you know it happened.

Pro-active OS and Software updates

Your system will be always up-to-date with our assistance. We regularly apply all necessary updates to keep your system safe and fast.

Immediate 24/7 Responce

We guarantee you an immediate response to critical tickets 24/7/365. Humans respond to your tickets and process all proactive monitoring alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Little of questions that we got asked frequently

What is server management?

Server management is a full system administration service for your server. It includes security, daily data backups and updates.

You need your servers to be running 100% of the time? What about being kept up to date with the latest software & patches? NK Support take this job seriously and manage your server(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Managing a server can a time consuming task and difficult at times. We understand that this is probably not your business’ core function and you may not have the ability to monitor your servers round the clock.

NK Support offer you peace of mind! We will take that responsibility off your shoulders and manage this process for you.

Why do I need Server Management?

  • Your data isn’t safe – don’t take risks. Who is backing up your server regularly and ensuring these will meet your needs in the event of a crash or being hacked?
  • Having a server management service gives you the peace of mind. There is nothing like knowing that you are secure. We give you that confidence.
  • Did you know that your server is vulnerable without regular server reviews and updates?

But I already have server management don’t I?

  • Many companies say they are selling you a managed server. But what they are really doing is just passively monitoring your server to ensure that the lights are on.
  • If you read their terms or FAQ you will find that many companies offer only initial setup reviews of your server and everything else will be dealt with for a huge hourly rate.

Services we offer

What about security?

  • Server management removes the need for you to keep abreast of the latest patches and key software releases for your server. We do that for you. We regularly review, monitor and proactively update your server to help prevent your server being compromised. If you have any special security requirements, please contact us. Beware that cheaper solutions don’t offer pro-active software & security updates. This leaves your server exposed!
  • We regularly review your server to ensure it has the latest control panel updates and security patches.
  • Only with human reviews can you ensure the best coverage for your server.
  • We can work with you to ensure that any major upgrades do not affect the applications running on your system. We help ensure that all your applications continue to work.

What is your backup policy?

  • We have a standard backup plan for each of your servers. This includes a snapshot taken nightly which includes regularly changing data (including files) and databases. We also perform a full server back up of the entire OS weekly.
  • We also look at optimizing your backup plan to suit your particular needs. We can implement live database replication through to incremental backups. Incremental backups are great for file system changes or large email repositories. We can also work with you on tweaking the full server backup regime.

Tell me about Backup Restoration & Recovery

  • If you ever need a server restore, we will your server back to normal.
  • Maybe you have messed up a domain’s database? In this case we can also implement a restoration of your database to a particular snapshot. Just let us know.
  • If your server is crashed or hacked? We will investigate how and rebuild your system from your backups (and prevent it from happening again).

I get a personal supervising System Administrator (“sysadmin”)?

  • We will assign you a named supervising system admin for your account. This allows you to get familiar with your admin and allows you to form that important one-to-one relationship. We give you a personal service.
  • You are not working with a depersonalized company.

Where are you located?

NK Support runs the head office in Warsaw, Poland, and core team in Minsk, Belarus.