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Server Management

Server Management

Our Premium Server Management solution offers you peace of mind. We assign a personal administrator to look after your server. Rest assured you can trust your server with us, we are totally dedicated to your specific needs.


Bulk Discounts:

  • $150/month for a single server
  • $130 per machine for 2-4 servers
  • $110 per machine for 5-9 servers
  • $100 per machine for 10-19 servers
  • 20+ servers: please contact sales for a quote

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Basic Support hours, full server management
  • Personal Linux/Unix system administrator managing your account
  • Immediate response to critical tickets 24/7/365
  • Daily server backups, setup and maintenance
  • Pro-active OS and system software updates
  • Support availability via phone/IM/email
  • 4 free billing units of Advanced Support monthly
  • 30 GB of free backup storage included
  • Automated service monitoring
  • Software optimization


Basic Support

Basic Support includes 24×7 Linux-Admin management and troubleshooting of all system software installed on the server that guarantees the highest quality service for you. Examples of work that falls under Basic Support:

  • website outage
  • ftp not working

Advanced Support

Advanced Support includes:

  • new software installation
  • existing software configuration changes
  • new accounts/websites setup
  • troubleshooting of the client applications (e.g. php/perl/java webapps, self-installed or self-managed software)
  • troubleshooting of server problems caused by the customer’s actions