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Server Management


Our Premium Server Management solution offers you peace of mind. We assign a personal administrator to look after your server. Rest assured you can trust your server with us, we are totally dedicated to your specific needs.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Basic Support hours, full server management
  • Personal Linux/Unix system administrator managing your account
  • Immediate response to critical tickets 24/7/365
  • Daily server backups, setup and maintenance
  • Pro-active OS and system software updates
  • Support availability via phone/IM/email
  • 4 free billing units of Advanced Support monthly
  • 30 GB of free backup storage included
  • Automated service monitoring
  • Software optimization
  • $150/month for a single server

  • $130 per machine for 2-4 servers

  • $110 per machine for 5-9 servers

  • $100 per machine for 10-19 servers

  • 20+ servers: please contact sales for a quote


Basic Support

Basic Support includes 24×7 Linux-Admin management and troubleshooting of all system software installed on the server that guarantees the highest quality service for you. Examples of work that falls under Basic Support:

  • website outage
  • ftp not working
  • kernel security update

Advanced Support

Advanced Support includes:

  • new software installation
  • existing software configuration changes
  • new accounts/websites setup
  • troubleshooting of the client applications (e.g. php/perl/java webapps, self-installed or self-managed software)
  • troubleshooting of server problems caused by the customer’s actions

NK Support has partners with UK2.


  • 100% Cisco routers and switches.

  • 40Gb redundant fibre network.

  • Monitored 24/7/365.

  • VSS router configuration for hardware redundancy.

  • Multiple transit providers.

  • LINX 224 and 226 connections.


  • Perimeter alarm system with beam detectors.

  • Monitored key card access.

  • 360° Recorded passive and active CCTV.

  • Electronically multi-gated entry point.

  • Redcare system installed.

  • Access restricted to vetted company personnel.


  • Dedicated substation inside secure inner compound with dual transformers.

  • 2MVA of mains power.

  • Diesel generators with auto switchover.

  • Fast dedicated UPS for seamless power switching.

  • 10 days diesel fuel maintained on-site.


  • 24/7/365 intelligent hands.

  • Highly skilled network and server engineers on site.

  • KVM available.

  • Flexible custom configurations welcomed.

  • Phone support for intelligent hands available.

  • 15 minute ticket response direct from engineers.

Colocation and datacentre experts

Built using the knowledge gained from over 12 years datacentre experience UK2 has used its’ expert knowledge to make their datacentre second to none. UK2’s Colocation DC utilises Cisco 6500 series Routers, with Cisco 4948, 2960G and 2950T switches. The 6500s are loaded with top end Supervisor engines and 10gigabit line cards. Feeding the 6500s are uplinks from Telehouse North and Interxion.

UK2 owns fibre interconnects to Telehouse North and Interxion which exit the building underground via two different points which terminate into separate ODF cabinets. Even if some misplaced roadworks were carried out in the vicinity of the datacentre there is another set of links that will not be affected. These links are capable of running up to 480Gb quickly if the need ever arose.

At Interxion and Telehouse North UK2 also uses Cisco 6500s for the routing and makes use of several carriers to peer with from Interxion and Telehouse North. All of these peers to Nlayer & LINX are running on multiple 10Gig pipes, and UK2 has 100s of peers, some of which UK2 has had for in excess of 10 years.

UK2’s installed Redcare system is connected to the Police and Fire Services, this is made redundant via cellular and IP technology. The Fire system has recently been upgraded to conform to P1+L1+M with 100% coverage, using beam detectors, VESDA and normal smoke detection.

CCTV coverage comprises auto tour and PIR activation. The external CCTV tours the perimeter of the building, but should anyone approach any predetermined point (gates, doors, points of entry) the CCTV will focus on the point of trigger.

The CCTV also covers all internal points of entry. The system backs up its footage both locally and off site and is remotely accessible by UK2.net staff. There is also a perimeter alarm system, with beam detectors covering roof access, all doors, roller shutters and windows.

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