My name is Nick Keefen. I am the founder of NK Support. I’d like to personally welcome you to our website. In this article i will to give you an insight into the 6 principles we follow in our daily work.

Here’s what makes us different:

1. We care

We care about your IT. Sometimes our customer doesn’t know how to define his request – we help him do that. Other customers are not sure about what needs to be done to complete their goal or, even worse, think they are, and ask for a wrong thing. We’re not some blind ticket executors: we are here to help, and we will give you a good advise if you’re asking for a wrong thing. I even had a few clients that didn’t know their goals – they have joined the happy family of NK Support users too, and they now know exactly why.

2. Top quality communication

We consider it so important that it is stated on its own. This is not just a marketing trick: we really fight useless communication. You can always reach your admin over a ticket, email or various internet messengers. We strive for clear perception and invest in providing support around the clock.

3. Outsourcing free

If you’re talking to an NK Support employee, you can rest assured that this person is working in our Minsk office fulltime. If someone is logged into your environment, he works in the same building as i do. We do not hire outsourced jobs, period. That’s the only way to guarantee good service quality and speed.

4. Quality staff

We only hire highly experienced staff. Your server is not a sandbox. If someone is logged into your environment, you can be sure that he worked with the same exact environment in the past and knows his job and treats your server just like his own pc.

5. Dedicated admin

For the entire lifetime of your server you will only work with 2-3 system administrators, no more. We assign dedicated server managers and administrators to every client. If someone is logged into your environment,you know who that is, you know his IM, you can reach out to him any time.

6. Proactive

We don’t wait for problems to arise in order to fix them. We will update your servers before the problem even has a slightest chance to pop out. Our 24/7 monitoring system will alert our 24/7 helpdesk team around the clock. All that to receive less tickets from you. Our motto is “a happy client is a client that doesn’t know his admin”.

These simple principles make us stand out – actually, if the world was a better place, everyone would do his job just like us. The future ahead is bright and full of exciting experiences – it’s about time for you to join it!